Beranda Fashion in the City MAN ON MISSION


| Photographer : Alex Hamzah | Style Coordinator : Ronny T.| Stylist : N. J. Nikolas | Wardrope: Henri Winata | Model : Holly Ferista | Make Up Artist : Indah | Lokasi : Bacco

Wear: The Glen Plaid Suit

A three-piece suit quietly conveys authority. Intricate patterns are even dressier, which means choosing this glen plaid is the ultimate
power move.

Wear: The Solid-Gray Suit

In terms of sheer versatility, It’s hard to go wrong with a solid-gray suit. The neutral hue plays well with just about everything in your
wardrobe and lends you a sleek, modern look. Wear: The Classic Navy Suit Fine gray-and-blue checks can skew traditional or youthful, depending on what you wear with them. The two-button notch lapel always looks fashionable and office appropriate.

Do: Shoulder the Burden

Even an affordable suit can look custom with just a little extra effort. Buy it a size too big and have it tailored to your body, says designer Stanley Hudson, a former Project Runway contestant. Zero in on these telltale details. No matter what the jacket costs, the shoulder
seams should sit directly above the edge of your shoulders, says Hudson. “Get it right while you’re at the store. They’re impossible
to alter.”

Do: Frame Yourself

The jacket should skim your frame and be neither too loose nor too tight. Your fist should fit between the top button and your body, but you can go as snug as two fingers for a modern fit.

Do: Slim Down

Your trousers should taper to 7 or 7 1/2 inches seam to seam, Hudson says. A stockier guy can go an inch or two wider, and only really skinny guys will want an extremely slim fit.

Do: Button It Up

Pricey suits often have functional buttons on the sleeves. “It’s worth converting yours if you wear French-cuff shirts,” Hudson says. Leave one or two undone and let the boss notice.

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