In a world increasingly cognizant of the urgent need for sustainable living practices, the Synergy 5th Anniversary Green Building Festival, held in the vibrant PIK 2 Indonesia Design District, served as a beacon of innovation and environmental stewardship.

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Achieving the seemingly impossible, Hiraka Group and its partners assembled a full tiny modular house in a mere 18 hours of build time. The house was a showcase of modular design, allowing for flexibility, adaptability, and a significantly reduced environmental footprint compared to traditional construction methods.

Crafted from CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), a material revered for its strength, durability, and carbonsequestering capabilities, the project opitomized the synergy between nature and technology. CLT key benefits also includes : increased safety, lower maintenance costs and faster construction time. The collaboration with Townland, an acclaimed designfirm, ensured that this wasn’t just a structure but a vision brought to life. The success of this project was made possible through the collaboration with an impressive roster of partners, each contributing their
expertise and products to create a holistic living space that did not compromise on quality or sustainability.

Magran Living, Bo Concept, Alga mattress, Bosch, Kohler, Solarion, Cellux, Squeeze Juice, Sicurezza, IClean, X2O, Virtus, IntijayaPVC, Toto, and, of course, Hiraka’s own subsidiariesRekai Designers, Dapoerea, Wutensil, Ruang Mandi, and InCLT-came together in a remarkable display of unity for the greater good. The interior, curated by these partners, featured eco-friendly furnishings from Bo Concept, cuttingedge kitchen appliances by Bosch, state-of-the-art bathroom fittings from Kohler, and many others that contribute to its sustainability.

Solarion and Cellux provided renewable energy solutions, ensuring the house’s operations were as green as its construction. Meanwhile, the exterior was not just aesthetically pleasing but designed to be in harmony with its surroundings, further emphasizing the project’s green credentials. As we move forward, Hiraka Group’s tiny modular house remains a symbol of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability. It is a powerful reminder that the future of building is not just about creating spaces but about fostering environments that nurture the planet and its inhabitants. It served not only as a model for future green construction projects but also as a tangible representation of the festival’s core message-synergy in action.

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