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Bottega has been opened since January 2015 actually but we didn’t manage to visit during their soft opening days because we read a lot of bad reviews about it. We must say that each restaurant cannot be judge as a bad or good restaurant based on a one time visit because basically in food and beverage industry it is very tough to maintain consistency of the taste and quality, that’s why we always put disclaimer on our blog that our reviews are purely according to our personal taste and opinion and there might be a possibility that the taste of the food & opinion will change in the future. Back to Bottega, since their opening days, over the time they have been doing quite a lot of improvements of their food, so let’s see what they have.

Crispy Pig Ears IDR 65k

One word, Ahhmazing!! Dip fried sliced pig ears with crunchy savory and peppery batter served with homemade tartar sauce. The crispy pig ears were so crunchy and addicting, we just love how well seasoned and non greasy the dish were.

Deep Fried Calamary IDR 65k

Deep fried squid rings with similar flour batter as above and served with marinara sauce.

Bakmi Truffle IDR 119k

We were skeptic with the odd combination of noodle, creamy sauce and truffle oil but it turned out to be our most favorite menu. It might look plain and pale but wait until u taste it. The combination between thin springy noodle with thick rich and creamy savory sauce were just addicting. We just love the aroma of truffle oil that compliments the noodle pleasantly.

Beef & Lamb Gyros with Rice Pilaf IDR 75k

Garlic rice pilat served beef and lamb gyros topped with tzatziki yoghurt sauce and cilantro oil. Rice was cooked nicely and aromatic while the gyros tasted amazing with tangy creamy zesty yoghurt sauce.

Bottega Steak Frites IDR 149k

200gr of USDA Prime striploin steak served with demiglace & housemade potato chips. Meat were juicy tender with a nice grilled aroma in it while the demiglace sauce was yummy but I wish they add more sauce.
Beef Cheek Braised in Red Wine IDR 149k
Tender braised beef cheeks with purple sweet potato puree, seasonal vegetables red wine demi glace

Bottega Ristorante
Menara Bank Danamon
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav E4 No. 6
Mega Kuningan


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